5 Checks Experts Make after Every Marketo Login

Among the first things that you should inspect before driving a vehicle is the overall condition of the wheel. Another thing that you must also check is the oil level. Nevertheless, individuals usually drive their car without checking it first.

However, if you had your engine overheat or one of the tires goes flat, the chance is that you do inspect. It is not hard to differentiate the newbie from the professional driver because the latter is more prudent.

Preventive actions should also be applied when you use Marketo. A quick check on the system is usually done by professionals after every Marketo login since they know that if something is broken or close to breaking, there'll be serious effects.

Here, I'm going to show you the checklist every pro Marketo user makes right after a Marketo login.

Check if Marketo Munchkin tracking is working properly

The function of the Marketo Munchkin and the front lights of a car or truck is somewhat the same. It will limit the efficiency of Marketo. Keep in mind that triggers won't function when your Marketo Munchkin code is not working , which in turn will lead to the failure of almost all campaigns. Collection of valuable analytics data will not be done if this issue persists.

Even though it is advised that you perform a weekly assessment, it is not enough as the only thing that it does is make certain that the Munchkin code in your site was not taken out accidentally.

Don't assume that the headlights of your automobile will work properly because they're not smashed. If you wish to ensure that they work with no problem, then you should turn them on first.

Make sure that the CRM Sync is functioning properly

It's needed to check out the fuel gauge of an automobile. Likewise, it is important for each and every user to check out the CRM (Salesforce, MS Dynamics, etc) sync as it functions as the fuel tank of Marketo. Campaigns not functioning effectively, data being overwritten, and redundant leads are some of the possible outcomes if the sync is not working.

After Marketo login, the campaign queue should be inspected

The campaign queue in Marketo is completely important. Serious problems could take place because of it, but many users don't inspect it because they mistakenly believe that issues will not happen because of it.

It is significant that the campaign queue is examined since it is the most effective technique to prevent overloading your Marketo. There shouldn’t be a multiple operation of many triggers that is why this is the main thing to look for when checking out the campaign queue. Problems like late trigger launching, and a variety of other issues that are difficult to diagnose could take place.

Check Notifications
In case there are any issues that you should look into, that would be shown in the Notifications tab in Marketo.

Any system malfunction will be reflected in the Notifications. It is strongly advised for new Marketo users to subscribe to these alerts.

Take a look at personal time zone and Marketo time zone

This check is for admins who use a variety of Marketo logins or have multiple Marketo instances. It's just like adjusting the seat and the mirrors; you need to do it when you're riding someone else's truck, or the very first time you drive yours.

I include this one as it gets me each and every time. Bear in mind that issues could happen if the time zone you are taking a look at is incorrect.

Checking out the accuracy of your personal time zone AND your instance time zone is needed.

Don't forget this little list after your next Marketo login. A number of potential issues could be prevented by carrying out these checks. Don't hesitate to give us a call in case there are other really important checks that we didn't include here.

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