Prevent Issues by Doing the 5 Checks after Every Marketo Login

Do you look at the wheel of your car or truck if it's inflated just before you take it for a drive? The oil level or fuel gauge is yet another thing that you must also check out. A lot of people don't bother; they just jump in and drive.

Those who previously experienced some issues with their auto tires or with the engine while driving, are more inclined to routinely inspect their automobile before driving a vehicle. A professional driver is much more precautious than those who are just learning to drive a car.

When you use Marketo, it is also important to implement some preventative measures. A quick inspection on the system is usually done by professionals after every Marketo login because they know that if anything is broken or near to breaking, there will be serious effects.

After a Marketo login, each and every pro Marketo user creates a guideline and I will be disclosing it here.

Find out if Marketo Munchkin tracking is functioning

The function of the Marketo Munchkin and the front lights of a vehicle is almost the same. It will be tough to use Marketo if it does not work properly. The majority of the campaign will fail in the event your Marketo Munchkin code is not working as it would cause the triggers to not work properly. There are analytics data that should be collected because of the advantage that they provide, but with a malfunctioning Marketo Munchkin code, this will not take place.

Ascertaining if the Munchkin code in your web page was not removed inadvertently is very important that is why you should check it weekly, but do not forget that your assessment shouldn’t stop here.

Even though the headlights of your automobile are still there, it doesn’t ensure that they will work properly. If you want to make sure that they function with no difficulty, then you should turn them on first.

Make certain that the CRM Sync is functional

It's imperative to inspect the fuel gauge of a car or truck. Moreover, it is important for each and every user to check out the CRM (Salesforce, MS Dynamics, etc) sync as it functions as the fuel tank of Marketo. The inability of the sync to do what it is intended to do will result to an overall system malfunction.

The campaign queue should be examined after Marketo login

The campaign queue in Marketo is completely crucial. This may seem like a benign part of Marketo that is less likely to bring about any trouble, but pro users recognize otherwise.

To ensure that your Marketo is not overloaded, you should inspect the campaign queue. Too many triggers working at once is the primary thing that you need to check. Issues like late trigger launching, and a variety of other problems that are hard to diagnose could take place.

Check out Notifications
If there are any problems that you have to look into, that would be shown in the Notifications tab in Marketo.

Amongst other things, the notifications will let you know if the CRM sync or if a specific campaign failed. Subscribing to these notifications would be useful if you're a new Marketo user.

Synchronization of user and Marketo time zone is essential

This check is for admins who make use of a variety of Marketo logins or have several Marketo instances. A professional driver, who is using someone else's vehicle or driving a new one for the first time, knows how crucial it is to adjust its mirrors or the seat. Adjusting the time zone is equally essential.

It gets me every time that's the reason why this one is included. Because you are looking at the wrong time zone, you get imaging issues. This could have been prevented if you did not neglect this check.

Checking the accuracy of your personal time zone AND your instance time zone is required.

There is no doubt that every user must utilize this guideline on their next Marketo Login. It will avoid many potential issues and save you a lot of problems. In case you have any other favorite checks, please drop us a note and we'll include it.

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